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The Money: Shot

by Quartjar

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O Ubuntu 04:56
O Ubuntu I thought we had a connection O Ubuntu I thought you were my friend Come on over and talk to me Analog handshake will work it all out We don't have to be frenemies Human connection has the most Klout Has the iOS grown bitter? I know my router ain't no quitter Mi corazón is all on Twitter I should have bought a Mac Can I earn your interest Are you too shy to share? Pin your Etsy to Pinterest A simple act to show I care Has the iOS grown bitter? I know my router ain't no quitter Mi corazón is all on Twitter I should have bought a Mac
Rob Powered 03:09
Gotta get going To another showing Get going! Aw, he’s gonna close it, Yeah he knows it, He gonna close it! Chorus: Oh the raw power Of Rob Howard It’s Rob Powered! (3x) He'll meet you at a church, He’ll meet you at a bank To sign the contract! When you’re at home, It's Rob you'll thank He’s got your back! Chorus Instrumental turn-around Chorus
S/2003 J2 03:56
Pardon me while I wax lyrical Small miracle, I'm non-spherical I'm just the 63rd satellite That might just be all right Out here on the fifth ring Ain't no thing, I gotta sing S/2003 J2 Let me spell it right out for you S/2003 J2 (repeat) I'm small on the cosmic scale My best friend, though, he's a whale Do not want what he ain't got What he's got is a great red spot Out here, we're the biggest gang Mostly we just ... hang S/2003 J2 Let me spell it right out for you S/2003 J2 (repeat) Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto I went unnoticed by old Galileo Little old me, number 63 Let me show you my ID S/2003 J2 Let me spell it right out for you S/2003 J2 (repeat)
She was a chapped-nipple beauty Used to tape back her big ears Hung her hippie boots on the shower bar Left them there for years Champagne bottles at the foot of her bed Collected all her tears One day she poured the bathtub full Crawled in and disappeared Some said something was wrong with her Said I didn't belong with her I don't know but I wish she was still here A buxom brown-eyed small town girl With a heart of gold We were too young to know any better Too old to leave it alone We ran off to the countryside Tried to build a home One day she climbed inside her mind And left me all alone I didn’t know how to follow her Seems like time just swallowed her It’s okay But i wish she was still here West-end princess found me wandering Caught me unaware Took me to her castle I was happy there But i didn't want to be the king Kings aren't allowed to smile She forgot she ever knew me Banished and exiled Maybe we tried too hard to dream Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be Either way I wish she was still here Hairy-legged hippie girl Gave name to all the stars Picked Jesus mushrooms in the meadow Sold 'em in the bars She never believed i believe in her And never believed in me But I'm not going anywhere Got no place else to be Seems like a awful waste of time Nothing to lose, nothing to find Anyway I wish She had stayed here I'm still here I am still here Smilin' like a bastard I'm still here


In 2010, we funded the recording of our album "42" by offering pre-sales. We also said that for $100, we would create an original song for such generous patrons. Four adventurous souls took us up on it. We have performed the songs for these folks over the years, but fine-tuned the arrangements in summer 2019. Here are the songs in their final studio versions.


released June 12, 2020

Created, performed, and recorded by Quartjar, which is:
Randall Brown — lead and backing vocals, guitar
Malcolm Norman — bass
Tory Flenniken — drums, percussion


all rights reserved



Quartjar Knoxville, Tennessee

Quartjar is a mighty rock trio featuring Randall Brown, Malcolm Norman, and Tory Flenniken.

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